Watch: A fan tried to look like Hania Aamir in Mere Humsafar.

Hania Aamir is a beautiful actress and model from Pakistan who has been in a number of movies. Millions of people have fallen in love with her because of how beautiful she is and how well she acts.

Her most recent well-known work is the drama series “Mere Humsafar,” which was a big hit. The number of people who watch it and how popular it is are both setting new records. People talk about how innocent and simple it is.

Fans liked how Hania looked without any makeup in the drama. In the show, Hania hasn’t put on much foundation. Instead, she just used Hala’s natural colours to make her look cute.

One of Hania’s fans from India tried to look like her in Mere Humsafar when she didn’t have any makeup on. An Indian person with a lot of power, Koyal Bhattacharjee, gave her a new look. She shared a video of her new look on Instagram. In the caption, she wrote, “Hania Aamir No Makeup Look.”

First, Koyal put moisturiser on her skin. Then, she put on another creme. Finally, she put on a light foundation and blended it into her skin. Koyal put some light makeup on her eyebrows and gave her eyes, nose, chin, and cheeks a light tint. She put mascara on her eyelashes, and Koyal used the same very light lipstick that Hania wore in the play. In the end, she made her face shine by putting silver eyeshadow on it. Check out the video for Koyal.

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