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Asian Life Style Magazine ! Pakistan and UAE best-selling celebrity, fashion and lifestyle magazine. We bring you the latest fashions, celebrity gossip and lots more!
Asian Lifestyle Magazine is a part of Asian Lifestyle Advertising Marketing PR Media (Pvt) Ltd & LLC Arabian resources,Publishing LLC. Dubai UAE
Pakistan & UAE Famous Fashion Lifestyle Print Magazine & Online Portal
Asian Lifestyle Magazine in Launched 2005
Pakistan is a lively, energetic country, with a wealth of talent and potential. The economy is in overdrive, and business is growing steadily with room to grow further. As a strong player in the international arena, with an abundance of talented designers, fashion houses, musicians, artists, great food and rich heritage and culture, it is indeed a force to be reckoned with.
The average Pakistani consumer is now more aware then ever before of trends in fashion, they are more self conscious about what they wear, what they eat, how they look, are more aware of new technology and about international news and events.
The team we have put together in Pakistan, is extremely skilful and creative.we have in-depth knowledge on consumer behavior, and experience in ways to best target this customer via marketing and advertising campaigns. We continually monitor new trends in consumer behavior and buying patterns and are looking into ways to help promote South Asian business throughout the world.
The world has become a global village, and we would like to offer your business, regardless of industry, shape or size, the opportunity to come out into the open international market.
To become a part of our global aim, Please feel free to contact our team for more information on how we can help you and your business to expand.
The modern Asian women wants it all, not only does she deserve it, she can afford it! she wants the best in fashion, style, beauty, entertainment, gossip and men!
Asian lifestyle Magazine is the only magazine that can offer it all, plus gives advertisers the opportunity to promote there goods and services on the international market.
Asian lifestyle magazine is fresh, new and exciting with a target readership of 14 to 45, both male and female. The magazine aims to show the very best offerings of top fashion boutiques, fashion designers and accessories, plus beauty tips, wedding planning, interior designing, motoring, sports and leisure, travel, health and life style articles, exclusive fashion segments as well as interviews with top celebrities and personalities and featuring columnist from the international press and much much more!!!
Asian lifestyle magazine is publish and distributes in the Canada, Dubai, Doha.Muscat,India and Pakistan at the same time, making it the only platform that can offer advertisers the chance to advertise and market goods and services abroad to enable our clients to reach a further target audience all at competitive local rates according to the country of distribution.
This will not only give advertisers the opportunity to promote there brands on the international market but will help you the advertisers expand your client and consumer base.

Our Achievements

  • Exclusive Sales & Marketing PR Partner Future Tower | Jublee town Lahore 2020
  • Exclusive Media Sales Partner Made In Pakistan Turkey & Baku Azerbaijan 2020
  • Exclusive Media Partner Investment In South Asia Conference & Awards Dubai 2020
  • Exclusive Media Partner Berkeley Middle East Conference 2020
  • Exclusive Sales Marketing PR Partner for UAE ,Gwadar Golf City 2019
  • Exclusive Media Partner & PR Partner World Marketing Summit Pakistan 2019
  • Exclusive Media Partner International Property Show Dubai 2019
  • Exclusive Media Digital Partner Islamabad Expo Organized By IWCCI 2019
  • Exclusive Media Digital Partner Khdija Woman’s Awards Organized by IWCCI    Media Channel partner PSL 3 2018
  • Exclusive sales & Marketing partner MADE IN PAKISTAN EXPO BAKU Season 1 in Nov 2018
  • Exclusive Media Partner Gwadar Minerals & Marbles Expo 28th & 29th Sep 2018
  • Exclusive Sales & Marketing Partner SHE IN STYLE WOMAN
  • EXPO IN lahore 2018 Media Partner , Fund Raising Event Shahid Afradi NGO HOPE in Dubai 2017
  • Media Partner , TV Partner officially T 10 Cricket League UAE (draft 1 & 2 )
  • Media Partner ,TV Partner officially , EXPO PAKISTAN 2017
  • Media Partner , TV Partner officially Ibec Conference Lahore Expo 2017
  • Media Partner TV Partner officially , Digital Conference Karachi 2017
  • Media Partner TV Partner officially ,CYPTO World Currency Expo in Dubai 2017
  • Media Partner TV Partner T 10 Cricket League UAE December 2017


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