Gulshan Devaiah’s Buzz About Diving into the Kannada Movie World

Well, guess what? Gulshan Devaiah, that incredible actor we all adore, recently spilled the beans about his acting journey and, hold onto your hats, his burning wish to dip his toes into the Kannada film waters! “Life’s like this unpredictable river,” he says, “and I’m just here rowing my boat. Who knows where the current will take me? But I sure hope there are some surprises along the way. That’s what keeps me awake at night, you know?”

Growing up with the pulsating beats of Bengaluru’s lively theatre scene, it’s no wonder the city holds a special place in his heart. Word on the street is, before the world went topsy-turvy with the pandemic, our man was about to grab a golden ticket: a role in the Kannada flick “Rudraprayag” directed by the ace, Rishab Shetty. Oh boy, wouldn’t that have been something? Fingers crossed he gets another shot!

Now, shifting gears a bit, Gulshan’s been making waves not just in films but also on those binge-worthy OTT platforms. And he’s about to dazzle us in a crime caper by the dynamic duo, Raj & DK. You know, he’s got a point when he says the crime genre is like a chameleon – blending in elements of love, laughter, raw reality, and heart-pounding action. It’s the whole shebang!

Chatting about the hot potato topic of content and lingo on OTT, Gulshan tosses in his two cents. He reckons it’s not always black and white. The backdrop, the setting, the emotions, they all paint the bigger picture. And, for Pete’s sake, he urges creators to wear their heart on their sleeves and pour real feelings into their work.

So, folks, next time you see a Gulshan movie or series, remember, there’s a river of emotions, experiences, and dreams flowing right behind those eyes. And who knows, we might just see him paddling in the Kannada film stream soon!

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