Srha Asghar Speaks Up: Harassment Allegations Slung at Asim

So here’s the shocking scoop, folks. Srha Asghar, that talented actress from “Akhir Kab Tak,” found herself in a real-life drama on August 1st. Picture this: she’s out and about, minding her own beeswax, when out of the blue, this guy named Asim starts tailing her like a shadow. And boy, was he relentless!

The word on the street is that Srha’s hubby, Lala Umer Murtaza, went straight to the Shah Faisal police station and dropped a dime on this creep. Our dear Srha, shaken but brave, shared her hair-raising tale. Apparently, after a day out shopping, this Asim character kept trailing her, spewing all sorts of nasty remarks. And if that wasn’t bad enough, this guy had the nerve to chase her down to her doorstep, trying to waltz right in!

But here’s where things went from creepy to downright scary: Asim tried to lay hands on Srha. Her clothes got torn in the tussle, can you believe it? Murtaza and Asim then went toe to toe, and thank goodness for some good Samaritans who pitched in to pin Asim down. They promptly handed him over to the cops, and let’s just say he’s in hot water now.

This whole messy affair is a stark reminder, ain’t it? We’ve got to stand up, speak out, and tackle the ever-looming specter of harassment and assault head-on. And a big shoutout to Srha for having the guts to come forward. Stay strong, girl!

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