Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’ Stuns, Breaking into Rs 600 Crore Club in Blink of an Eye!

Hold on to your hats, film buffs! Shah Rukh Khan’s latest sensation, ‘Jawan’, is blowing up the box office! Directed by the maestro Atlee Kumar and starring a galaxy of stars – Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Deepika Padukone, Sanjay Dutt (and the list goes on) – this movie has become the talk of the town, and for all the right reasons.

Only 27 days in, and guess what? ‘Jawan’ bulldozed its way into the elite Rs 600 crore club in India. Whew! Most of this – a whopping Rs 543.30 crores – came from the Hindi version, while dubbed versions chipped in around Rs 59 crores. Sure, after the festive break, numbers did take a tiny dip, but hey, it’s still on fire and burning bright in theatres. Looks like 2023 is SRK’s year with ‘Jawan’ being the third blockbuster, following closely behind ‘Pathaan’ and ‘Gadar 2’.

Jawan’s Breaking Records Left, Right, and Center!
This film’s success isn’t just restricted to India. Globally, ‘Jawan’ is smashing records. It’s raked in a staggering 45 million dollars already, trailing just a smidge behind another SRK masterpiece, ‘Pathaan’. Talk about King Khan ruling the roost!

DayHindi Nett Collections
1Rs 64 crores
2Rs 47 crores
3Rs 68 crores
4Rs 70 crores
5Rs 29.50 crores
6Rs 23.50 crores
7Rs 20.75 crores
8Rs 17.75 crores
9Rs 17 crores
10Rs 29.50 crores
11Rs 33.50 crores
12Rs 13.50 crores
13Rs 12.50 crores
14Rs 8.50 crores 
15Rs 7.25 crores
16Rs 7 crores
17Rs 11.25 crores
18Rs 13.50 crores
19Rs 4.75 crores
20Rs 4.25 crores
21Rs 4.30 crores
22Rs 5.50 crores 
23Rs 4.75 crores
24Rs 8.25 crores
25Rs 8.75 crores
26Rs 6.50 crores
27Rs 2.25 crores (estimates)

Cash Registers Jingling for SRK
Profits? They’re raining for ‘Jawan’! The film’s expected to pocket over Rs 300 crores in India and another Rs 160 crores from global audiences. All in all, with non-theatrical revenues, SRK and his team at Red Chillies Entertainment are looking at a golden pot north of Rs 300 crores. Ka-ching!

Jawan’s Money-Making Journey So Far
If you’re curious about the numbers, here’s a little breakdown. Add the Rs 59 crores from the dubbed versions, and the tally touches around Rs 602 – 602.50 crores. Stellar, isn’t it?

Dive into ‘Jawan’s Tale
For those still in the dark about ‘Jawan’, it’s a gripping saga of a man named Azad (played by SRK). He’s on a mission, fueled by a pledge to his mother and a thirst for justice. In his path stands the ruthless outlaw, Kaalee (portrayed by Vijay Sethupathi), a force of chaos and suffering.

So, if you haven’t caught ‘Jawan’ on the big screen yet, what are you waiting for? Dive in and be part of this cinematic journey!

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