Shae Gill Declares Her Aim To Rise Above Singing Mediocrity!

Hold the phone! Pakistan’s own songbird, Shae Gill, known for catchy tunes like “Pasoori” and “Sukoon,” is all fired up to stretch her musical wings. In a recent chit-chat, she spilled the beans about her first steps on the Coke Studio stage, her itch to mix and match music genres, and her burning desire to kick mediocrity to the curb.

Talking about her rocketing stardom, Gill gave us a sneak peek into how “Pasoori” flipped her world upside down. It wasn’t just the money rolling in but also the thrill of calling her own shots. Her partnership with Xulfi for the song was the icing on the cake, letting her emotive vocals shine.

With her sights set on cooking up an original song next, Gill is no stranger to the butterflies in the stomach that come with it. She gave a nod to the fine line between being a perfectionist and staying productive to dodge the dread of overwhelm.

Our chatty singer painted a vivid picture of her transformation from a nervous wreck on stage to owning the limelight, fuelled by the audience’s vibes and soaking up the applause. And talk about eclectic! Gill’s music tastes are as varied as they come, a clue to her childhood dream of making a name for herself in the music world. Guess what? That dream is coming to life!

Despite the fanfare, Gill is a girl of simple joys, whether it’s hanging out at the mall or relishing some street grub. Keeping her feet firmly on the ground, she’s got her eyes on the prize – crafting music that strikes a chord with listeners. Sure, she’s had her fair share of awkward fan encounters but hey, she’s keeping her chin up!

Wrapping up the heart-to-heart, Gill was all guns blazing about moving past being a run-of-the-mill singer and using her tunes to sprinkle some positivity in the world. In her own words, “All I want is to create music that’s more than just okay, something that really strikes a chord with folks out there. My singing may be so-so right now, but mark my words, I’m going to get really good.”

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