Varun Dhawan Gives SRK and Atlee a Big Thumbs Up for Elevating Bollywood Magic!

Man, what a bang! Just as the echoes of ‘Pathaan’ started to fade, Shah Rukh Khan’s latest blockbuster, ‘Jawan’, dropped like a hot potato on September 7th. And boy, did it sizzle! That flick has literally set the cinemas ablaze. Die-hard SRK fans? They’re over the moon, swooning over King Khan’s electrifying act and his sizzling synergy with the newbie, Nayanthara. Not just a hit among fans, the movie’s been a smash hit in Tinseltown too.

After an exclusive sneak peek, a slew of celebrities couldn’t hold back their kudos. Karan Johar, the film maestro himself, dubbed SRK the ‘Emperor of Bollywood.’ Kiara Advani? She couldn’t help but flood her review with fire emojis – that’s how hot the movie is! And now, stepping into the limelight with his two cents, is none other than Varun Dhawan. He jumped onto the ‘Jawan’ bandwagon with an Instagram shout-out to Atlee Kumar and the man of the hour, SRK.

Sharing the snazzy movie poster featuring Khan, Varun gushed, “Big ups to the whole crew for soaring Bollywood’s heights! Atlee, you’re pure magic, and SRK? Forever the king!” Talk about high praise!

Now, get this – in just 24 hours of hitting the screens, ‘Jawan’ went global, raking in a whopping $4.65 million. And back home? SRK’s magic touch pulled in about Rs. 90 crores. Combine ’em? We’re talking a record-breaking first-day worldwide haul of Rs. 128 crore. Mind blown, right? It even outshone ‘Pathaan’s’ Rs. 108 crore opening! And the cherry on top? No other Bollywood film has ever snagged a single-day $4 million jackpot. But King Khan? He’s done it twice, even with a midweek debut!

Now, a word about Atlee Kumar. This guy’s skyrocketed to fame in Bollywood after waving his directorial wand on ‘Jawan’. And guess what? He’s teaming up with Varun for another showstopper. Also on board is the award-winning actress Keerthy Suresh. Though still under wraps, whispers say it’s gonna be a gripping action-packed drama. Oh, and our man Varun? Word on the street is he’ll be donning a cop’s uniform for this one. Produced by the power duo, Murad Khetani and Priya Atlee, this one’s sure to be a game-changer!

So, folks, keep those popcorn tubs ready. Bollywood’s cooking up some scorching treats!

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