Hira Mani’s Fun Jibe: Hubby Mani is the Blend of 6 Bollywood Hotties!

Alright folks, the ever-sparkling Hira Mani, our beloved star from Pakistani TV, who’s charmed us with her stellar roles in hits like “Sun Yara” and “Dil Moum Ka Dia,” is at it again! And this time, it’s all about love – the lovey-dovey, heart-fluttering kind. You might be currently catching her in action on Geo TV’s “Kalank”, but off-screen, she’s spinning some real magic.

Now, for those out of the loop, Hira’s better half is none other than the charismatic host-turned-actor, Saqib Sheikh, or as we fondly call him, Mani. The couple, blessed with two cutie pies, Muzzamil and Ibrahim, is always giving us major #couplegoals!

You see, Hira has never been one to hide her feelings, especially when it comes to Mani. Ahem! It’s no secret how smitten she is with him. But this time, she’s taken her admiration to a whole new level. Hold onto your hats, because Hira’s just equated Mani with not one, not two, but a whopping SIX Bollywood hunks! Yep, you read that right!

In a light-hearted jest, she quipped, “Mani’s got the bod of Hrithik, the allure of Shahrukh, Bobby Deol’s lush locks, the steadfastness of Salman Khan, the manly vibes of Akshay Kumar, and the boyish charm of Aamir Khan. Basically, my man’s a cocktail of all these Bollywood biggies!” And just to put the cherry on top, she had Mika Singh’s catchy “Tu Mera Hero” playing in the backdrop. Oh, Hira, you sure know how to make things lively!

A sneak peek of her post surely leaves you thinking: Love sure has a funny way of making us see stars – Bollywood style!

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