Nayyer Ejaz Bares His Soul on the Heartrending Loss of His Little Ones

If you’ve watched any of Pakistan’s blockbuster films, chances are you’ve seen Nayyer Ejaz. This stellar actor, a true gem of Pakistan’s silver screen, has wowed us time and again with his breathtaking performances. Talk about a jack of all trades!

Taking the spotlight in Hafiz Ahmed’s talk show, Nayyer shared a chapter of his life that’ll leave you grabbing for tissues. Over two decades ago, he tied the knot, and the universe blessed him and his wife with three kids. Tragically, fate had other plans.

The little munchkins, two of ’em, barely had a few days under the sun before they were whisked away. And the other? The poor soul never even had a chance to see the world. It’s enough to make your heart ache, isn’t it?

Shifting gears a bit, he spilled some beans on the topic of remarriage. “Look,” he began, “marrying once is plenty for me. Sure, I might see a pretty face and think, ‘Hey, she’s a looker!’ But then, I’d rush home and tell my wife, who knows all about my harmless ways.” Juggling hearts? That’s just not his style. “Being head over heels for multiple ladies? Nah, that’s a no-go.” And, when it comes to his wife, he’s smitten as a kitten. “She’s my rock,” he gushed, “can’t imagine peeking over the fence.”

All in all, this chat gave us a deeper glimpse into Nayyer’s world – from heartbreaks to heartbeats. And trust me, it was a roller coaster of emotions.

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