Mohib Mirza Spills the Beans on Falling Head Over Heels for Sanam Saeed

Mohib Mirza, that dashing Pakistani actor we all adore, has been in the limelight for quite a while now. Remember him from the epic PTV drama “Zaib-un-Nisa”? Yup, that’s the one. And let’s not even start on the long list of hits he’s given us, like “Deedan” and “Dushman E Jan,” to name just a few. Once tied the knot with Amna Sheikh and blessed with a daughter, Missa, the two later quietly parted ways.

Then, outta the blue, came the news that had all of us buzzing! Mohib and the stunning Sanam Saeed had said their ‘I do’s! They played it close to the vest for a while but, boy, when they finally spilled the beans, it was something!

So, on his very own “The Knock Knock Show,” Nida Yasir threw him a curveball. “So, Mohib, give us the scoop! When did Cupid’s arrow strike with Sanam?” Without missing a beat, Mohib grinned, “Well, Nida, let me spice it up a bit more. Imagine this – we’re filming our drama ‘Deedan’, and there she was, standing tall and radiant, right in front of me. It was then that my heart skipped a beat for her.”

“Deedan”, for those living under a rock, was the heart-touching tale of two Pakhtoons, from different tribes, finding love amidst chaos, beautifully captured in the scenic North of Pakistan. And, as fate would have it, 2018 was the year their on-screen love story was shared with all of us. How’s that for a fairytale twist?

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