Sarwat Gilani Dreams Big: A Political Party Pushing Free Education!

Did you hear? Pakistan’s shining star, Sarwat Gilani, from hits like Joyland, is thinking of jumping into the political playground. And guess what? She’s got big dreams of a future where education doesn’t cost a dime for anyone in Pakistan!

Recently, while on a chat show and spilling some personal beans, this leading lady from Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu hinted at her political aspirations. Answering the million-dollar question about joining the political circus, the star of Tishnagi confessed, “Yeah, I’ve got some invites to join this party or that, but nah, not my jam. I’m more of a ‘roll up my sleeves and do-it-myself’ kind of gal. Picture this: my own political party where free education isn’t just a dream but the heart and soul of what we stand for.” Quite a vision, huh?

Switching gears to the world of drama and movies, Gilani didn’t hold back. “Look,” she said, “our stories are stuck in a rut. We keep rehashing the same ol’ tales of sad women, sneaky affairs, and runaways. Come on! The youth are craving fresh, upbeat stories about folks who’re making it big, not these done-to-death dramas.”

Pouring her heart out, Gilani got real. “After twenty long years of playing the damsel in distress on the silver screen, I’ve had enough. I’m itching to shout from the rooftops about the importance of education for our young minds and our strong women. So, no more of those roles for me, thank you very much!”

On the work front, our beloved Sarwat has been busy as a bee, lighting up our screens in a slew of shows and movies like Mann Pyasa, Pujaran, and the ever-entertaining Joyland. With her passion and vision, who knows where she’ll soar next?

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