Iman Aly Discloses Why She Turned Down ‘Punjab Nahi Jaungi’

Iman Aly, an accomplished ex-model and actress, joined the conversation on The Talk Talk Show, opening up about her battle with multiple sclerosis, personal insecurities, and her declining projects in search of more substantive roles.

Iman unveiled her reasons for declining “Punjab Nahi Jaungi,” explaining, “Originally, it was a play script… I found my character lacking depth… If the writer doesn’t know London well, he should refrain from creating characters based there.”

When queried if Khalilur Rehman Qamar expelled her from the project, Iman retorted, “Did he dismiss me? I walked out three days before filming… He wouldn’t dare to pull such a move with me.”

Iman voiced her discontent over the lack of substantial roles for women, stating, “Do women even have meaningful roles?… Women are typically portrayed as paranda-donned love interests of the male protagonists.”

Iman expressed her desire to be an agent of change, revealing her completion of two scripts: one a romantic comedy, the other an action movie, where she plays the leading role.

Discussing her ongoing battle with multiple sclerosis, Iman confided, “For the past 2.5 years, my hands have been numb… At times, I feel remorse for having MS… but I am determined to conquer this disease and I’m on my way.”

Throughout her journey, Iman has faced self-doubts, largely influenced by her elder sister’s remarks about her looks, admitting, “I still avoid mirrors… I wasn’t particularly outstanding at school.”

Iman also reflected on her initial hesitance to enter the acting industry due to potential comparisons with her father, Abid Ali, confessing, “I didn’t aspire to be an actress… I was well aware that people would judge my debut performance against my father’s 2500th.”

In spite of all the obstacles, Iman remains steadfast and resilient, leveraging her sense of humor as a coping mechanism for multiple sclerosis and pledging to defeat it, asserting, “I am tenacious… I will conquer this disease.”

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