Kiran Ashfaque Takes a Breather in Kuala Lumpur

Hold the phone! Did you catch a glimpse of Kiran Ashfaque Hussein Dar soaking up some fun in Kuala Lumpur? Yep, that’s her, living it up! While most folks remember her as the former flame of superstar Imran Ashraf – the duo shared more than just spotlight moments; they co-piloted the fantastic journey of parenting their little champ, Roham Imran. Even after parting ways, these two keep the spotlight shining brightly on their kiddo. Hats off to their rock-solid commitment as parents!

Post their split, Kiran didn’t just sit on the sidelines. No siree! She strutted right into the modeling scene, and boy, did she turn heads! Major brands couldn’t resist her charm, and soon she was the belle of the drama ball.

And guess what? Right now, she’s playing tourist in Kuala Lumpur, having a blast with her little man Roham and her bro by her side. Ever the stunner, even her downtime screams style!

And in her own quirky words, she says, “There’s no place like home #kualalumpur ❤️ ????????” Oh, Kiran, keep living the dream!

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