Wedding Bells Ring Loud for Shahid Afridi’s Daughter!

Well, folks, the cricket world’s abuzz and for a reason spicier than a hot pot of biryani! Shaheen Shah Afridi, the Pakistani cricket sensation, is all set to say ‘I do’ to Ansha – yep, you guessed it – Shahid Afridi’s darling daughter. Hold onto your hats, because the grand shindig is slotted right after the Asia Cup 2023 wraps up on the 17th of September.

Word on the street has it that the celebratory shenanigans are gonna kick off on the 19th, with a bang-up Valima bash in Islamabad on the 21st. But hey, the families are playing their cards close to their chest, so we’re still biting our nails, waiting for the official word.

A few moons ago, around April, Shahid Afridi let slip in a chit-chat that September would be a month of dancing shoes and wedding tunes for Shaheen. Funny thing, these lovebirds already tied the knot once this year in Karachi. Oh, what a star-studded affair that was! Biggies like Babar Azam and even the squash titan Jahangir Khan rocked up to toast the couple.

The pair had their Mehndi bash just a tad before the Nikah, and guess what? They’ve been an item for two whole years! Shaheen cheekily spilled the beans that popping the question was his brainchild. And why wouldn’t the families jump on board? They’ve been chummy for ages.

About the first time their eyes met? Shaheen’s memory’s a bit foggy there, but he’s over the moon to have Ansha by his side – a rock, always cheering him on from behind the curtains. Aw, ain’t love grand?

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