Sajal Aly stars in the inaugural season of “Fatima Jinnah”, ready for a grand launch on August 14th.

The much-awaited web series “Fatima Jinnah: Sister | Revolutionist | Stateswoman” directed by Danial K Afzal, after creating a buzz with its gripping 14-minute prologue in 2022, is finally ready to launch its maiden season on August 14th.

Designed to be a riveting series, it intends to bring to life the fascinating chapters from Madar-e-Millat’s (Mother of the Nation) life in three distinctive periods: her vibrant 30s during the pre-partition era, her determined 50s during Independence, and her seasoned 70s in the post-partition era. Afzal meticulously handpicked the talented trio of Sundus Farhan, Sajal Aly, and Samiya Mumtaz to represent the different stages of Fatima Jinnah’s life.

The series’ first installment unveils her role as the unwavering pillar of support to Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, setting the stage for the historical upheavals that lay ahead.

Interestingly, the web series isn’t confined to Fatima Jinnah alone but will also bring to the fore several other remarkable historical figures like Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, Liaquat Ali Khan, Ruttie Jinnah, and Rana Liaquat Hussain, to name a few.

The storyline of the web series, masterminded by Danial Afzal, derives its essence from Reza Pirbhai’s book on Madar-e-Millat. It aims to provide a well-rounded, humanistic depiction of Fatima Jinnah, deviating from an overly patriotic or idealized portrayal.

Spanning three seasons with 15 episodes each, “Fatima Jinnah” is set to be a compelling saga that traverses beyond the conventional, delving deep into the intricate life of one of South Asia’s most influential women. The series aspires to provide its audience with an immersive, memorable journey.

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