Imran Abbas Shares Happiness for Ameesha Patel Amidst ‘Gadar 2’ Triumph

The bond shared between two actors often transcends the boundaries of the cinematic realm, as exemplified by Imran Abbas, a Pakistani actor. He recently conveyed his heartfelt congratulations to his longtime friend, the Indian actress Ameesha Patel, on the success of her latest movie, ‘Gadar 2’. This heartening interaction not only underscores their enduring friendship but also highlights the camaraderie that exists within the entertainment industry, surpassing national borders.

Using Instagram as his platform, Imran conveyed his emotions by stating, “I am truly delighted for you, Ameesha,” while also tagging the star of ‘Gadar 2’ in his Instagram Story. This straightforward yet profoundly meaningful message resonated with their admirers, revealing the authentic support and connection between these two actors.

Addressing queries from critics, Imran Abbas clarified, “My happiness for her comeback is due to her being a dear friend. Some are misconstruing this to mock me, likely because ‘Gadar 2’ addresses anti-Pakistan themes.”

The spotlight previously fell on Imran Abbas and Ameesha in 2022 when a viral video sparked speculation about a romantic relationship between them. However, it was clarified that their friendship story spans years, originating from their time as fellow students in the United States. Amid their academic pursuits, they forged a strong bond that has withstood the test of time. Their deep connection once again took center stage when they reunited in Bahrain, rekindling their friendship in a heartwarming encounter.

Ameesha dispelled rumors about their romantic involvement, telling Hindustan Times, “I also read those rumors and found them amusing. The entire situation is rather ludicrous. It was simply a catch-up since I was meeting my buddy after numerous years.” The actress of “Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai” also commented on the viral video, which she later shared on her Instagram. “He happens to adore that particular song of mine. It’s his favorite… We just spontaneously did something, and a friend recorded it. It turned out charming, so we decided to post it. There was no plan behind it,” she elaborated.

Further delving into their relationship, Ameesha elaborated, “We’ve known each other for many years, dating back to our time as university students in the US. I’ve remained in touch with several of my friends in Pakistan, who possess a great fondness for India. Imran Abbas is part of the film industry there, and our conversations encompass a wide range of topics.” The stars continue to provide mutual support, even years after their initial reunion.

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