FIA Cleans Up the Social Media Mess Targeting Mehwish Hayat & Kubra Khan

The Federal Investigation Agency, or FIA for short, has stepped up to the plate! They’ve got the back of our favorite Pakistani actresses, Mehwish Hayat and Kubra Khan. Word on the street is, all those nasty, mud-slinging posts about them on social media? Gone, zapped, vanished! But hold on a sec, platform X (you might know it as the old Twitter) seems to be playing hard to get and hasn’t piped up yet.

Now, here’s the tea: both Hayat and Khan pulled a power move by dragging YouTuber Major (r) Adil Farooq Raja to court. Why? They reckon he’s been spreading tall tales and false gossip about them and a couple of other actresses. No cool, right?

During a recent court pow-wow, an officer from the FIA dropped a bombshell. Hayat isn’t taking this lying down – she’s asked for some high-tech face ID. She’s super convinced the face in that trending video ain’t hers. Bless her heart.

But here’s a hiccup – Karachi doesn’t have the cool gadgets to double-check that video. So, at Hayat’s shoutout, the clip’s been shipped off to a lab in Islamabad. Fingers crossed!

The court, being its curious self, asked about the waiting game for this lab result. FIA’s lawyer, trying not to break a sweat, politely asked for a four-week extension. Can’t blame ’em – good things take time, right?

So, the drama continues. The court’s hit the pause button on this soap opera for, you guessed it, four weeks! Oh, and a little birdie told me that the Sindh High Court had previously given the thumbs up to wipe off some shady posts about Kubra Khan, who absolutely rocked in “Punjab Nahi Jaungi.” Stay tuned, folks! The next episode’s bound to be a doozy.

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