Nora Fatehi Dazzles the Night in a Glitzy Body-Hugger

Gosh, did you see Nora Fatehi’s latest snap? Boy, she’s turning heads and how! Rocking a sparkling body-hugger by Falguni Shane Peacock, she’s taken the gram by storm. And let me tell ya, the girl knows how to make an entrance.

You can’t help but notice those bold-as-brass shoulders on the dress. Gives her this, “I run the world” kinda vibe, doesn’t it? And let’s not even get started on those glitzy dangly earrings. They’re the icing on the cake! Her makeup? On fleek with hints of pink, making her eyes and lips pop. And that braid? Sleek as a whistle.

I mean, she’s serving some serious royalty vibes in that dress. And if her caption’s anything to go by, she’s feeling it too! She wrote, “Flip a switch on a prick then I.. Come alive in the nighttime 👑.” Well, ain’t that something?

Hats off to Shaleena Nathani for styling her to the nines. And a shoutout to Reshmaa Merchant and Madhav Trehan for that spot-on hair and makeup. With Tejas Nerurkar behind the lens, capturing her fierce essence, it’s a home run. What a team!

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