Sumbul Iqbal is celebrating her birthday on ‘Pictures Viral”

Sumbul Iqbal is one the most talented actors in the business and has swiftly established an image for herself.

Sumbul is currently occupied with celebrating her 31st birthday with elegant style and fashion, even though she prefers to celebrate her wins more often. Actress from Raju Rocket utilized Instagram to share her pictures with her stunning 2.9 million Instagram followers.

The star of Tumsay Mil Kay has always been present on the social platforms, posting images of her extravagant lifestyle with followers and friends. She is the Mein Hari Priya actress who lives in Chicago, Illinois, celebrated her birthday with fashion.

The girl wore a simple outfit and wore a black dress with minimal jewelry and makeup. Her caption was “Happy to me” as the caption for the post.

Sumbul has been in the field for the past ten years and has received many awards for her impeccable acting skills. The beautiful actress has made herself a star with a wide array of highly acclaimed drama series that include Ghayal, Aik Thi Rania, Kahan Ho Tum, Tum Ho Wajah as well as Chand Si Dulhan.

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