Mushk Kaleem celebrates her extravagant 28th birthday

Mushk Kaleem is a Pakistani supermodel and fashion icon who is now aging like fine wine. It may be difficult for fans to distinguish between Kaleem’s extravagant lifestyle and her real life. She is one of the most beautiful models ever to grace the runway. Kaleem, who is now 28 years old, celebrated her birthday recently with close friends.

In a video Kaleem shared, which was composed of many images and candid moments, you can see her happy and smiling around her family.

Kaleem said, “I celebrated my 28th birthday together with people I love and truly appreciate.” @nadirzia, I am grateful for your planning of the most wonderful birthday weekend. You are my baby, and I love you. It’s a great feeling to be able to share my day1s with you for another year and hopefully many more. Cheers!”

Kaleem married her longtime lover Nadir Zia in December 2021. She has been the face of many regional businesses and has walked the runway with Pakistani designers.

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