Princess Diana carried a refrigerator full of blood in case she died.

Princess Diana was said to have carried a tiny refrigerator in her blood as she feared for her life.

Because the late princess was afraid of being in “imminent physical danger,” her security team had extra blood on hand in case she was ever hurt.

According to former private secretary Patrick Jephson, Diana always brought a small refrigerator with her when she travelled overseas.

“When we went abroad or to poor areas, we took a mini-fridge with extra supplies of Diana’s blood,” he said.

“That certainly sapped it of its sparkle.” Each of us was evaluated to decide which of us might donate blood if we needed it. “

He continued by saying that the princess would sometimes face peril and would be given a “sharp reminder” of the risk.

“Diana was routinely subjected to threats of physical violence.”

“It was an aspect of the task that was easy to overlook until a forceful reminder came along.”

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