Life Story of the well-known actor Nayyar Ijaz

There are several celebrities in the Pakistani entertainment business who are not only skilled but also have highly amazing personalities. Nayyar Ijaz is one of these names as well. There are certain facts about him that are unknown to the general public, despite the fact that he is an actor who brings life to every character.

Nayyar Ijaz is from Lahore and has eleven brothers and sisters. Salamat Ali, the brother of Nayyar Ijaz, is a highly renowned classical singer, and Azra Riaz, his wife, is also a classical singer.

Nayyar Ijaz used to play excellent cricket and has also competed at the Under-19 level.



Because they were mostly antagonists, the majority of their admirers were attractive women, and they also fell in love with a model.

After informing his mother, they went to the model’s home with the aim of initiating a relationship, but when they saw her living there, they returned and became quiet.

Bring the girl you care about, not the girl you care about now, their mother said.

On the day of the wedding, when he saw the bride’s face, which he also admired, he wed his mother’s choice.

He had informed his father-in-law that his daughter would never approach him for financial assistance.

It has been 19 years since their marriage, during which time they produced children. However, by Allah’s command, those children returned to this world, and the parents remained patient.

Nayyar Ijaz was so devoted to his mother that for one year he did not work in Karachi. His mother is in poor health. The mother was placed on a ventilator.

It took him a long time to deal with his mother’s sadness when he held her last breath in his palms. Nayyar Ijaz was also very close to his father, whom he describes as being very giving, kind, and trustworthy.

Nayyar Ijaz is so close to his brothers that, according to his wife, he frequently forgets about her while he is with them.

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