“Pakistani Actor Ahad Raza Mir Discusses His Role in World on Fire Season 2”

Breaking onto the international scene with a bang, Ahad Raza Mir, a star from Pakistan, chatted to Variety about his thrilling experience on the hit show World on Fire’s second lap. Taking on the character of Lieutenant Rajib Pal from the British Indian Army, Mir relished his part in the gripping World War II narrative that took the BBC by storm in 2019.

Season two saw a shift in gears to the North African front, proving a major draw with audiences and reeling in a whopping 3 million eyeballs! Mir tipped his hat to the show’s mastermind, Peter Bowker, for breathing life into authentically raw and engrossing characters.

He painted a vivid picture of the arid, battlefield-like set in Northern Ireland that amped up the show’s visceral intensity. At first, the thought of shooting in Belfast gave him a jolt, but the grandeur and realism of the sandy set quickly blew him away. Working amidst live explosions, he confessed, sent chills down his spine.

Ahad made a passionate plea for the narrative depth of South Asian roles, expressing his dissatisfaction with their portrayal in other war epics like ‘Dunkirk’ and ‘1917’. His hope and ambition for future seasons of World on Fire is to keep every character’s story front and center.

Brimming with pride, he spoke about his career beyond the small screen, from his applauded role in Netflix’s “Resident Evil” to his upcoming performance in a big-scale period drama. But he’s not done with the classics! He’s geared up to don the character of Hamlet once again for Canada’s The Shakespeare Company in October, after bagging an award for a stellar performance in the past.

Embodying the spirit of an authentic, versatile performer, Ahad Raza Mir continues to trailblaze across global stages, captivating audiences with his intense performances and insightful reflections.

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