Unseen pictures of Washma Fatima and Subhan Awan

Subhan Awan and Washma, a charming couple, are currently sharing their adorable pictures on social media. A stunning photo shoot of them was published by them. The young actors do, however, have charming and attractive looks. These photos were pulled from their official Instagram. Look at the pictures:

Subhan Awan and Washma Fatima are both incredibly brilliant actors and models from Pakistan. Washma Fatima has recently made waves for taking over Noor Khan’s starring role in Mere Damad. Do you know who Washma, the actress wife of Subhan Awan, is? Despite only recently making the switch to acting, both have longer histories in modeling. Subhan is the lead in the current serial, Tere Bin. Subhan is an intelligent man who decided to pursue modelling and acting after finishing his engineering degree.

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