Celebrities from Pakistan extend their sympathies to Turkey and Syria.

Both famous people and common Pakistanis are appalled by the terrible earthquake news. Due to the strong relationships that exist between Pakistan, Turkey, and Syria, the people of Pakistan are in pain after viewing images from those countries. Numerous Pakistani celebrities are extending prayers to the inhabitants of Syria and Turkey. They post stories on their official social media platforms. Here are a few pictures we found for you:

There was major damage and fatalities as a result of a powerful earthquake that occurred yesterday in parts of Turkey and Syria. According to reports, an earthquake of 6.5 magnitude after an initial 7.8-magnitude jolt caused chaos throughout Syria and Turkey. Thousands of people are still buried beneath the debris, waiting for help after numerous structures were quickly demolished. More than 400 people have died and others have been injured in Turkey. The governments of Syria and Turkey, along with actors and benefactors, are begging for quick aid.

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