Some of Hira Mani poses with her husband stood out.

The most beautiful actress in Pakistan made a statement in the entertainment business. The handsome actor, who counts Hira Mani as a fan, was blamed.

The actress Hira Mani recently talked about going to a private TV festival with her husband and other things.

It makes them feel so bad that when they see Katrina, she tells them that the Mani See Deepika, which I’m not Deepika and Katrina in Hira Mani, told my two children, but I would still be blamed.

The actress said that I was to blame for her weight loss because I was to blame for her husband.

Hira Mani said, “When it comes to losing weight, I had no training at the time, so I lost weight on my own.” I kept my husband away from the crazy things they did, so they didn’t lose much of my weight. “

The actress’s husband liked it, but people on social media and talk shows said that Hira’s statement was rude and that they were furious at the idea that it showed how he thinks.

Users added stars to Hira’s very irresponsible statement, which shows the shared symbiotic body. Hira Mani needs to figure out how to talk to people.

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