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Photos of Sahifa Jabbar Khattak, a model, and actress, on a tennis court

Leading actress and model Sahifa Jabbar Khattak said that the Bible says that she should give birth to her husband in order to get them out of the last three years. On Instagram, Sahifa Jabbar Khattak shared a beautiful photo of her wedding day, where she was wearing a wedding dress and her husband was wearing a body paint coat. This was the third anniversary of their wedding.

“This man is all that. Happy third anniversary to the Sahifa giants while I share on Instagram.” Sahifa Jabbar told my husband, “I’m three years old, you have a lot of courage, and you’ll be okay.”

The actress said, “I still don’t know how you deal with me and how you live with me.” You’re really a man in paradise. “

The actress also said that her husband posted a picture of their wedding on his Instagram account with the caption, “Happy third anniversary, boss lady.”

2017 is the model. Make plans with your close pals. In Lahore, a knot was tied between Jabbar Khawaja Khidr Hussein and Khidr Hussein.

Model Sadaf Kanwal, Rabab Ali’s wife and husband, Ayman Suleiman, Mercy Ajmal, the country of Anam, and other artists, like Ayman and Pheasant, were there.

After three years of marriage, Sahifa and Jabbar Khattak’s wedding shoot was done a few days before the wedding. The pradakarh was not put on for the wedding shoot for some reason, she said.

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