Saeeda Imtiaz denies death rumors, claims her accounts were hacked

After rumors of her death surfaced on social media, model and actor Saeeda Imtiaz has taken to her official social media accounts to clear the air. In a video statement, Imtiaz clarified that her Facebook and Instagram accounts had been hacked, leading to the false news. She explained how the situation caused great worry for her family, who were not living with her at the time.

Imtiaz also expressed her disappointment and sadness at the situation, emphasizing the harm that such cyberattacks can cause to someone’s mental and emotional well-being. She vowed to take action against those responsible for the hack and false news. Several industry insiders, including actor Saim Ali and Tamasha Ghar host Adnan Siddiqui, also confirmed that Imtiaz is alive and well.

Siddiqui expressed his disappointment with the media and social media pages for spreading false information, calling for more responsible fact-checking practices. Imtiaz’s statement and the confirmation of her well-being come as a relief to her fans and followers who were concerned about her after the initial rumors.

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