Photos of Hamza Ali Abbasi with Naimal Khawar and his sister, Dr. Fazila Abbasi

Hamza Ali and Animal Khawar make the cutest couple. A lot of people’s hearts beat faster when they’re together. Even though they have both left the business, they still have a lot of fans, and people like to see them in their newsfeeds. Images of Hamza Ali Abbasi, his wife, and his sister in a beautiful group pose are being shared on social media.

These amazing pictures are from when they celebrated Eid. In their black clothes, these beautiful women look absolutely stunning. Hamza Ali Abbasi is wearing a black kurta. The most beautiful doctor, Dr. Fazila Abbasi, always wins hearts with his happy and captivating looks. Fazila and her nephew have an unbreakable bond, and we can’t take our eyes off of him.

Fazila is very active on social media, and she keeps posting pictures of Mustafa in stunning, pure outfits. Naimal is such a sweetheart, and in a black dress, she looks very royal. Naimal has always been perfect in every way. She is a style icon and really knows how to put together a good outfit. Her easy-going style is so much fun to look at. Naimal Khawar looks like a heavenly beauty in black jeans and a short black top.

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