Nimrat Kaur has criticized American Airlines for her luggage’s condition

Nimrat Kaur remains stunned after she revealed the details of her horrific involvement in the case of an American carrier.

The Bollywood entertainer vented her displeasure via Twitter by writing a lengthy post.

Nimrat discovered how the plane was unable to retrieve her gear, and how the gear that was returned to was damaged.

In the morning, she posted to her Twitter account and wrote, “@Delta, I’ve been informed that your operations in India have been shut down. I am bringing this issue up here in order to alert you to this harrowing situation and to help me deal with this extremely complicated situation.”

She also shared some images of her gear that was damaged and also stated “The shocking and horrifying aspect of this ongoing incident aside, I find it difficult to think about if this kind of violation can be facilitated by the help of a person who has a privilege access to a travel profile, and how could this be happening somewhere else.

In addition to being physically and mentally exhausted from the 90-hour, extremely disorienting, but I am at a wits of how this situation can be resolved and the general harassment addressed”.

The company’s administration was quick to respond to her tweets. They responded, “Thank you for your patience. We appreciate your patience. Baggage offices are currently shut. They are open between hours of 6 AM to 11:30 midnight ET all days of the week. I’ll be forwarding the entire conversation to an Baggage rep who’ll be more than happy to assist you during their working hours.”

In the meantime working on the front, Nimrat’s final film , ‘Dasvi’, which featured Abhishek Bachchan along with Yami Gautam in the lead of the rest, received only basic applause.

The actress had to gain 15 kg weight to play Bimla In the flick, Devi.

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