Mira Sethi as Zubaida sets the tone just right in Paristan

Islamabad:- Mira Sethi is all set to create waves in her acting career by her recent brilliant performance as the househelpZubaida in drama serial Paristan. Starring alongside her are ArsalanNaseer, AymenSaleem, Meerub Ali, Javeria Ali, Asad Siddiqui and many more stars from our industry. Mira is standing out in every episode in this hit Ramzan serial Paristan. 

A family comedy drama with many interesting characters, Zubaida has us in fits of laughter each time she is executing her role making her character look both real and organic. The top entertainment bloggers and reviewers in Pakistan are all praise for Mira for her accent, her body language, her complete embodiment of Zubaida.  

And what catches our attention the most is the brewing chemistry between Zubaida (Mira) and Amanullah (Mooroo). The hashtag for their pair is #MiraMooroo. 

From her wit and humour to her comic timing Mira Sethi is showcasing excellent range from playing GulApa last year in ChupkeChupke to Zubaida in Paristan.

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