Mawra Hocane celebrated her happy birthday with family members and friends

Mawra Hocane, a Pakistani actress, is intelligent and beautiful. Mawra Hocane is very popular on social networks and her fans love it.

Mawra has been a strong and top-notch performer up until now. Her hit dramas include Aangan, Sabaat & Sammi.

The actress enjoys spending time with her friends and family, and loves to celebrate her birthday and other special occasions with them.

Mawra celebrated her thirtyth birthday in Lahore, with her closest friends. Urwa and Ameer Gillani are her friends. Mama Gillani gave her a birthday cake.

She also thanked Mama for her batter. Mawra had a wonderful 30th birthday celebration and took some stunning pictures.

The gorgeous birthday girl looked radiant in a silver gown and high heels. She loved Urwa and embraced Urwa Hocane. These are cute photos from Mawra’s wonderful birthday party.

However, she does have a unique way of celebrating her birthday month. She celebrates her birthday throughout September, which is a great surprise for her fans.

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