Lafangey is being accused of copying.

Both Lollywood and Bollywood have been interested in making movies for a long time. The latter is a big part of the world economy and is known for changing stories and copying information in small ways. Still, there have been many times when Lollywood has copied Bollywood without any shame. This time, it was the Lafangey who lost.

The movie alludes to the horror-comedy subgenre and looks a lot like the 2017 Indian Telugu movie “Anando Brahma.”

The story of Lafangey is mostly about four men. Who would want to go into a haunted house that has been taken over by ghosts? But the story, the production design, the characters, the camera angles, and the cut points are all taken from “Anando Brahma.” Even the first act, in which Saleem Mairaj flies on a chair, When Mani plays the flute in front of an empty chair,

For those who didn’t know, Anando Brahma was a significant source of ideas for Indian regional filmmakers. In 2019, the movie was remade in Tamil as Petromax, in Bengali as Bhootchakra Pvt. Ltd., and in Kannada as Mane Maratakkide & Damayanthi.

The producers haven’t said anything about the accusations of plagiarism yet. It’s too bad that our moviemakers just copy and paste. It is important to keep local film alive by putting out creative content.

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