Sofia Khan used a daring photo shoot to tell people she was pregnant.

Sofia Khan has done well as a model in Pakistan. She also wrote parts for the dramas Besharam, Umm e Hania, and Baandi. She lives in Germany with her daughter and her husband, the Turkish businessman, Tolga Erken. Sofia is expecting her second child at age 40. She wants to show the world that having kids is a normal part of getting older. Along with her statement, she gave the world a daring photo of herself while she was pregnant.

With the words: “Who said you couldn’t?” I’m 40, I’m pregnant, and I’m so damn proud of myself. Thank you so much for these beautiful photos.

But people on the internet didn’t like her plan, and she got a lot of bad feedback for posting the pictures. A person on Instagram said, “Congratulations, but you can tell people you’re pregnant without giving away that much.” While another said, Becharay anay walay poor 👶 kee nangi ama so sad @fia sofiakhan.” “Astagfaaar yar sab theek hai khush raho, at least pat tou ni h shok tm ee announce krdete there are thousands of cute ways’.

A few people defended her and said, “All the people who don’t like the shot can keep scrolling.” Women are beautiful inside and out, with or without clothes. Her body, her decision! “

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