In a sign of Economic growth, Huawei ranked 5th in U.S. patents.

Pakistan: According to a recent assessment of patenting activity, Huawei is continuing to advance up the list of corporations receiving the most U.S. patents, indicating that Chinese firms are increasingly responsible for a larger percentage of the world’s innovation.

According to Fairview Research’s IFI Claims Patent Services, Huawei earned 2,770 U.S. patents last year, ranking fifth behind perennial top patent-holder International Business Machines Corp.

Huawei’s success in gaining patents comes despite the fact that the Biden administration has barred its networking equipment from entering the American market and has barred it from purchasing components essential for its phones. The US government has accused the Shenzhen-based firm of posing a security risk, which Huawei rejects.

Huawei rose from ninth to first place in part due to reductions by other firms, as the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded 7% fewer patents last year. The top five patent beneficiaries were Samsung Electronics Co., Canon Inc., and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

According to the analytics firm, Chinese corporations also dominate when it comes to worldwide patent ownership. Samsung continues to be the world’s largest holder of patented innovations. However, six Chinese corporations, including Huawei and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, have more patents on inventions than IBM, which is ranked eighth on the list.

“Everywhere you look, they appear to be establishing, or attempting to establish, themselves as important players,” said IFI Claims Chief Executive Officer Mike Baycroft. You hear these stories about the Chinese market taking over the world. It’s starting to become real here. “

Huawei was recently placed second in the 2021 EU Industrial R & D Investment Scoreboard, moving up from third in the previous year’s edition. The 2021 EU Industrial R & D Investment Scoreboard is a European Commission report that assesses the research investment levels of 2,500 firms worldwide, which account for 90 percent of all business-funded R & D. The EU’s Joint Research Centre is in charge of preparing the report (JRC).

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