Priyanka Chopra Admits to Losing Her Cool When Discussing Social Media

Monitoring Priyanka Chopra admits to losing her cool when discussing social media monitoring with Australian journalist Peter Ford.

Ford questioned whether the actor and his spouse, Nick Jonas, deserved to make the Oscar nominations announcement together.

During a recent interview, the Matrix Resurrections actor claimed that she generally tries to keep her cool, but one comment prompted her to lose her cool.

“I don’t usually get furious,” she explained, “but it (expletive) me off.” “I’m not trying to belittle these two, but I’m not convinced their accomplishments to the film business entitle them to announce Oscar nominees.”

“I’ll be offended, indignant, and frustrated,” Chopra said. “I’ll tell my family about it.” I might weep a bit, but it has nothing to do with my relationship with my work or the essence of my goal. ” I’m not interested in other people’s opinions.”

“It’s my responsibility to go on a quest.” My objective is to make sure that when people see what I’ve made, it moves them or makes them appreciate it. “My personal life, my identity, none of it is my business,” she explained.

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