Falak Shabir says that as long as Sarah is happy with her job, so am I.

Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan went on the “Mirza and Malik Show,” where the singer talked, among other things, about how he will keep supporting his wife’s career.

Shabir said that he never had a problem with how hard Sarah worked on her business. He said this during a round of questions in which the two of them admitted that Khan used Sarah’s phone more because he didn’t want her hard work and talent to go to waste.

“She was most worried that I wouldn’t like how much she worked while we were planning our wedding.” Luckily, she hasn’t had trouble getting a job like I have. But I still want to make sure that someone who works so hard at their job and, with Allah’s help, has so many people who support them and wish them well shouldn’t be told to stay at home. This is the same as telling a doctor whose career is over to give up everything and stay at home. So I told her I wouldn’t get in the way of her work success and that she could do whatever she wanted. So I don’t care about how many people follow her on social media or how well she does at work. “I just know that if she’s excited about her job, I am too,” said the supportive partner.

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