Aima Baig’s Instagram account disappears for no clear reason.

Aima Baig, a great and hardworking pop musician in Pakistan, shut down her Instagram account for no clear reason.

Her fans and followers were happy when she posted photos of herself with her family from Dubai while wearing a stylish floral bandeau and leather shorts. They are now wondering why she suddenly closed her account.

The singer has been in the news for quite some time. She became known because of the shocking way she broke up with her fiancé, Shahbaz Shigri. Taloulah Mair, a British model, says the pop star cheated on Shahbaz Shigri with her boyfriend Qes Ahmed soon after the breakup news came out.

The model says that Qes is a womaniser and conman who has cheated on more than one woman, including Aima. The British model went on a rant on social media, making nasty comments about Aima and her ex-boyfriend and posting them.

This year, things did not go as well for Aima. She first got into trouble when her cover of Kaifi Khalil’s “Pyar Hua Tha” became popular for the wrong reasons. Then, when she re-followed her ex-fiance on social media, she started the memes all over again. Now, only God knows what happened that made her decide to stop using social media again.

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