Drama Yunhi’s contentious speech is infuriating the public.

In the drama Yunhi, Kim (Maya Ali) tells her father, “I think he is a terrorist,” after spotting Dawood’s attire, which featured a Shalwar Qameez and a Namaz cap. Dawood (Bilal Ashraf) picks up his uncle at the airport with Kim.

The drama’s scene can be seen right here!

The public’s reaction to the scene was negative. The statement, according to supporters, outraged many Pakistanis who enjoy donning shalwar kameez because it is the national dress of the nation. Many remarked that the scene was disturbing because shalwar kameez is a national outfit that Pakistanis like wearing. What message are you delivering to our generation? A user of social media said, “Stop making fun of Islam.” After this conversation, how would our children feel about donning shalwar kameez and a hat? Hum TV is disgusting. A Facebook user said, “Save from this scene.”

One doctor called the author’s thinking “shame on the writer, pitiful.” A girl wrote, “This is a truly dreadful thing.” “I may accept this conversation in an Indian movie, but it’s shocking that a Pakistani show is depicting such a storyline,” said Saqib, a Facebook user. These are some of the comments we gathered.

The creator of the fresh drama series Yunhi is Momina Duraid. The play’s direction will be handled by Ehtishaamuddin, who also wrote the script. The first episode of the drama, in which Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf appear together onscreen for the first time, received positive reviews from viewers. The drama’s concept is appealing to them, although they disapproved of one scene’s heated exchange.

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