Cozy photos of Pawri girl Dananeer Mobeen from Islamabad

Dananeer Mobeen, a Pakistani influencer-turned-actor who uses social media frequently, satisfies her admirers with adorable pictures. The pawn kid shared several images on Instagram of herself having fun with her buddies in beautiful, wet Islamabad.

“A wet Islamabad,” she captioned the photo.

In the pictures, Dananeer and her friends could be seen having a great time as they drove wildly across the city while taking in the stunning views of the drizzly streets.

Although it was raining, the group persisted in touring the city’s famous sights and attractions without letting it get them down. One of the highlights of the trip was their stop at the Monal Restaurant in Islamabad’s Margalla Hills.

Due to its breathtaking views of the city, the restaurant is a favourite with both locals and tourists. The actress and her friends enjoyed delicious food and beverages while joking around and laughing while taking in the gorgeous sights of the city.

The same thing happened while she was driving. In this video, gorgeous city lights and the surrounding countryside can be observed as Dananeer sways and enjoys herself.

“How Islamabadi of me to go to Monal and stop on my way back to shoot shots of this oh so magnificent scenery that I’ll never get over,” the actress wrote in the video’s caption.Regardless of how frequently I see it,

The actress’s fans were thrilled to see how much fun she was having and were appreciative that she shared the pictures.

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