Celebrities in Pakistan want Dua Zehra to be brought home in a safe way.

Pakistani celebrities looked like they were supporting the family of Dua Zehra, a teenage girl who went missing from the Golden Town area of Al Falah in Karachi on April 16. Dua Zehra was last seen on April 16.

Some well-known people in the media world took to Twitter and Facebook to call for Dua’s safe return to her home.

She used Twitter to pray for Dua to come back “safe and sound,” which is how she said it. In my heart, I’m wishing with all of my heart that Dua Zehra would come home today. Ameen, she wrote.

Ahsan Khan, another person who was shocked by the news, wrote, “Fourteen-year-old #DuaZehra was reportedly kidnapped around 7 days ago. I’m so sorry.” Her father has already filed a police report against unknown suspects, and he said that he had two calls for ransom!

Maya Ali also wrote on the micro-blogging site, “This is heartbreaking. I’m so sorry for the parents. ” A: I can’t imagine what her parents have to go through.

Let us all pray for # DuaZehra so that she can return home safely. Her mother added: “I beg the authorities to take strong action and bring her back to her parents.”

By writing “May #DUAZERRAKAZMI come home safe,” Yumna Zaidi also prayed for the “innocent girl.”

Sajal Aly also called for action to be taken right away for the missing girl. #DuaZehra hasn’t been seen or heard from in a while.

“Prayers for this young girl’s safe return.” “Authorities need to act right away,” she said.


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