Pictures of the beautiful Sana Javed have gone viral.

After reaching the top of Hollywood stardom, Sana Javed was praised for her beauty and acting skills over and over again.

The 29-year-old actress from Ruswai is known for her personality, but it turns out she is also a dedicated gourmet, fitness enthusiast, and chronic dieter.

The Aye Musht-e-Khaak star recently made headlines when she shared photos of a pizza she made by hand. The pizza looks delicious, and Sana’s smile confirms that she is pleased.

She captioned the photo she shared with “Spettacolare,” followed by an emoji of a pizza.

The photos of the Dunk star were met with a lot of love from her fans, who wrote a lot of kind words in the comments section.

Earlier this year, Sana gained notoriety after a number of makeup artists and a few actors leveled allegations of rude and unprofessional behavior against her. Khaani’s star actor sued those who had spoken out against her after the film’s release. Eventually, the head of the FIA’s cybercrime section ruled to close the defamation lawsuit launched by actor Sana Javed against cosmetics artists.

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