Asim Azhar’s ‘Habibi’ mashup Asim Azhar will release mashup of “Habibi Jo Tu Na Mila”

Pakistani superstar Asim Azhar has revealed that a mashup combining two of his tracks, featuring his admirer Arshman Naseem, will be in on the 22nd of this month( today).

The Ghalat Fehmi star posted a photo of the coming mashup on Instagram.┬áThe photo featured Jo Tu N’ Mila as well as Habibi.

After his videos of singing were viewed by millions, Arshman Naseem became a social media celebrity in a matter of minutes.

After his take on Jo Tu Na Mila went viral on social media, Asim Azhar planned a mix-up with the young singer.

On the professional front, Azhar’s latest work, Habibi, has been getting attention online and has been highly praised by other stars. Bollywood rapper Badshah has been caught tripping to the catchy track.

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