Gauri Khan describes herself as “middle-class Punjabi woman,’ claims Farah Khan.

Gauri Khan Gauri Khan, the actress who starred in Khan’s design show Dream Homes, is still an upper-middle class Punjabi girl as per choreographer and actor Farah Khan.

For a long period of time, Farah and Gauri have been close friends. At the beach in Goa the two first came into contact. When asked about their first meeting, Farah recalled: “We connected in the water. We all bonded like a firework in a room and I began to feel like I’d been reunited with some of my old high school or college acquaintances. I’ve known her for over 32 years, since 1990.

The greatest quality of Khan according the actress, is the fact that she’s not changed in any way. This is an amazing and rare thing to see in Bollywood which is a place where wealth, fame and the adoring awe of fans are all common. The actress has remained the typical Punjabi girl from middle class. In my opinion, that is what I love best about her.

Gauri’s motherhood has been praised by Farah also: “She maintains a lovely home. The children she has are stunning. She is able to handle everything. I’ve met her with her parents, mother as well as various family members. She’s a yaaron Yaar, and is very family-oriented. If she becomes your friend you will be friends with her for the rest of your life.

According to reports, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan were married in 1991.

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