Hareem Shah receives a temporary bail in a an investigation into money laundering

Hareem Shah, known as the “controversy queen” of Tiktok the city, was granted seven days of safe bail in the Sindh High Court on Monday. This was due to federal investigators were planning to detain the alleged money-launderer in a investigation.

It happened just only a few days following Fizza Hussain, also called Hareem Shah, appeared before the top court of the province of the southeastern region to request for a protective bail in connection with an FIA investigation.

A two-person bench of SHC ordered Shah to provide a assurance of Rs25,000 that he was financially secure. Shah’s lawyer claimed that she was returning to her homeland and was ready to participate in investigation by the FIA investigation.

Without going into details about the advantages and disadvantages The judge handed her a week’s security bail.

The Sindh High Court turned down the request of last week’s police should not detain TikToker Hareem Shah until she arrives in Pakistan.

Justice KK Agha asked Hareem Shah if she was the same person “who has claimed to have been laundering money.”

“SHC has provided protection to Hareem Shah in the past, but she abused the security orders favoring her. Don’t play games with the courts,” Justice KK Agha remarked in expressing her displeasure at the viral social media phenomenon.

In the past, the country’s most prestigious investigation agency began looking into the scandal queen’s involvement in cash laundering following the time she shared the video of her sitting in a room filled with foreign currency.

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