Zubab Rana looks beautiful in purple

Zubab Rana, an actor has posted new pictures on social media site Instagram and have received a lot of interest.

In the images that were shared on social media, Zubab Rana was wearing a purple dress. She offered hints as to what might transpire in her role as Shazma in the cult television series “Woh Pagal Si” by declaring that her heart would break and that everyone would be so joyful.

Zubab Rana plays the part of Shazma. She gets married to Ahsan Hayat to make money, but she isn’t happy with her step-daughters. Although she’s married, she’s still in love with her partner, Wahaj (Omer Shehzad).

Sara has been named the daughter second in line to Ahsan Hayat. Hira Khan plays Sara. She is a intense bond with her father. She is rich, spoiled and has lots to say.

In the latest episode, Shazma’s plots were exposed and her partner in the crime, Wahaj, lied to her. Shazma approaches Wahaj using a knife and he fires his gun at her to respond. After the battle, Shazma accidentally kills him by firing her gun.

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