With a daring photograph, Mamya Shajaffar stirs up social media.

Actress and model Mamya Shajaffar set the trend with her audacious photo session for UJ’s couture line, “Death of Nature.” Mamya was wearing only black clothing, even the tuxedo blazer, which had several chains hand-stitched onto it. She donned stretch jersey leatherette netted organza trousers in the gharara style, along with a pair of heeled shoes that appeared a little large for the actress.

Mamya’s response to fans’ questions about this performance was “Jan Ke Bhi Kya Ukhad Lega.” The Meesni actor shared a few photos from the session on social media along with the caption, “Living at work and going home.”

Mamya Shajaffar is a Pakistani model, dancer, illustrator, and actress also known by her stage name, Maham Shahid Jaffar. She has been seen out and about in questionable clothing and is not afraid to flaunt her proportions.

Mamya frequently uses her videos and pictures to tempt her followers. Not only does she have amazing modelling talent, but she also has amazing dance routines that frequently spark conversation on social media. She currently plays Sahira in the soap opera Meesna alongside Bilal Qureshi and many other actors.

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