The netizens are fascinated by Aiman Khan’s weight-reduction journey.

Everyone should prioritise maintaining their physical health and fitness, but when you’re a megastar like Lollywood starlet Aiman Khan, your every action and statement has a profound impact. The 24-year-old star always advocates a healthy lifestyle to make sure that her admirers and followers get the right message.

The Iss Khamoshi Ka Matlab actor recently discussed her weight reduction procedure. According to the way she looks, Khan appeared delighted to have lost 4 kg with the help of a famous dietitian.

Khan shared a lot of photos of herself holding an egg and posing with a variety of healthy foods on social media to show her 11 million fans how she underwent a transformation. The Mann Mayal actress serves as an illustration of how a healthy diet can make a person appear young and fit, as evidenced by her glowing skin.

“So thankful for my wonderful dietitian, Rimsha Amir [who also shared her Instagram profile, @eat without guilt], who has helped me shed 4 kgs lately, and I’m still going strong!” she wrote in the Instagram caption.

Even with a busy schedule and a newborn, eating healthy has become a breeze thanks to her individualised and simple-to-follow diet plans. I adore the delicious and nutritious dishes in her recipe book.

I want to thank Rimsha for being so understanding and encouraging throughout my weight reduction journey.

In addition to praising Khan, actress Saboor Aly and prominent Pakistani social media user Ken Doll made comments on her post. However, some social media users took issue with the actress’ tweet from Zindaan and predicted that she would keep a low profile following the explosion at her home, which left Khan with minor injuries and partly destroyed it.

Kaif-e-Baharan, Ishq Tamasha, Bay Dardi, and Baandi are just a few of the latest movies in which Khan has acted.

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