Will think a lot before working with Nazish Jahangir: Fahad Sheikh

Pakistani actor Fahad Sheikh has said that working with actress Nazish Jahangir is difficult and he will think a lot before working with her again.

Fahad Sheikh is a Pakistani model, host and actor, he started his career as a host of a private TV fashion show, later he turned to acting and appeared in his popular serials ‘Legacy’, ‘ Jalan’ and ‘Ghammandi’ included, his performance in ‘Legacy’ was loved by his fans.

The actor recently appeared on a private TV show where he talked about working again with his co-stars.

During the program, the host asked Fahadh, “Which co-star would you think before working with Nazish Jahangir, Mashal Khan and Yishma Gul?”, the actor tried to hide his answer at first, but finally Nazish Jahangir’s. Named.

Elaborating on his answer, Fahad said that I would think a lot before working with Nazish Jahangir as he is very difficult to work with.
It should be noted that Fahad Sheikh and Nazish Jahangir have worked in the drama serial ‘Ghamndi’ which was directed by Sohail Javed.

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