Why did Ayman Khan say goodbye to the world of showbiz? The actress explained the reason

KARACHI: In a recent Ramadan special transmission show, Ayman Khan shed light on his reasons for saying goodbye to the world of showbiz.

It has been many years since Ayman was seen on the TV screen and it seems that he has no intention of coming back either. Ayman Khan appeared as a guest in the Ramadan special transmission where she revealed how the arrival of her daughter Amal Muneeb has changed her outlook on life.

Ayman was asked why he left the showbiz industry. To which Muneeb Butt’s wife Ayman replied that her priorities are different now because when she was unmarried and had no children, that time was different.
Ayman added that she wants to spend more time with her family and her fashion business AnM Closet is already doing well enough that she doesn’t need to venture into acting.

It should be noted that although Ayman Khan has been away from the television screen for a long time, Ayman Khan often uses Instagram to share her personal photos and daily routine with her followers.

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